Trouble on the Spaceway


We started out from Neptune,
At helter-skelter speed,
For Martian celebration,
On the planet Gannymede.

But we didn’t know the misery,
That we were going to meet,
As we passed the thunder-buses,
And a flash new Venus jeep.

There were space works on the orbital,
The traffic pulse was down,
A hold up on the Pluto route,
And worm holes spinning round.

The weather was atrocious,
Solar storms and rainbow dust,
And the supernova Rover
Was growling fit to bust.

By the time we passed old Ceres,
Hurling rocks with all his might,
The craters in our campervan
Were not a pretty sight.

We took the path to Jupiter,
A tried and tested rule,
But the campervan began to squeal,
I’m running out of gruel! 

So, we left the super spaceway,
And took the autobahn,
And through the laws of retro-time,
Arrived where we began.

©Mary Green

First published in Aliens Stole my Underpants chosen by Brian Moses Macmillan 2001

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