‘Teacher’s Torture’ answer: 999

‘Word Works’ answer: poem

If you buy the York Press study guide on ‘The Great Gatsby, A Level York Notes’, my podcasts are available along with a few other extras. They discuss: ‘Exploring genre and form’, ‘Interpreting the text’ and ‘Exploring contexts’. 

Poetry for children

Tyger Tyger magazine 
The Dirigible Balloon magazine 
The caterpillar magazines Issue 21 Summer 2018
John Agard 
Carole Bromley
Liz Brownlee
Graham Denton, Hands Up Books
Chrissie Gittins
David Harmer
Brian Moses
Rachel Rooney
Coral Rumble
Andrea Shavick
Roger Stevens 
Children’s Poetry Summit (for individuals and organisations interested in poetry for children)

Two of my favourite poets who wrote for children.

Naomi Lewis
Charles Causley

See also: The Chinchilla for books, comics and more.

Steve Gulbis artist and illustrator for brilliant sporting artwork and designs.



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