Homework – to design and produce a flip-book
Materials – thin card
Fixers – glue
Specifications – 8cms x 6cms, 20 pages

To be handed in no later that Thursday!

Dear Teacher,

Just to say,

I cut the card out carefully,
I drew the pictures, too,

And I joined the little bits,
With a little bit of glue.

But my flip-book wouldn’t flip,
It only flopped and flapped,

Then it fluttered to the floor,
To lie flat upon its back.

My brother in a bossy voice, said,
‘Fling it over there!’

Then he took my little flip-book,
And flung it down the stair.

But it floated through the hallway,
And out the kitchen door,

And it floated up the path,
Of number twenty-four,

It found the open highway,
Without a flurry or a fuss,

When round the corner came,
A number ninety bus.


© Mary Green

First published in The Works 2 selected by Brian Moses and Pie Corbett, Macmillan.

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