Teacher’s Torture


Add two times twenty-two,
To twelve and twenty more,
Take forty-five from fifty-five,
Add four by forty-four.

Add six and six to sixteen,
To eighteen by eleven,
To nine and nine and ninety-nine,
Add nine from ninety-seven.

Add thirty-three and thirteen,
Take seven from twenty-four,
Add seventy-seven to sixty-six,
And total up your score.

You can count them on your fingers,
You can count them on your toes,
You can count them out with counters,
You can count them out in rows. 

And when you’ve got the answer,
When you’re sure, and only then –
You can add another hundred
And count them all again!


You can find the answer under Links.

©Mary Green

First published in The Works 2 selected by Brian Moses and Pie Corbett Macmillan 2002.

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