Word Works


Find the letter for each verse and make the word. If you like, time yourself.

I am in speak but not in tell,
I am in whisper but not in yell,
I am in peel but not in bell,
And you’ll find me in spin as well as spell.

I am in loyal but not in true,
I am in gold but not in blue,
I am in hold but not in glue,
I am in know but not in knew.

I am in haste but not in soon,
I am in space but not in room,
I am in shine but not in moon,
I am in flower but not in bloom.

My last is in mighty but not yet great,
You’ll find me in Molly but not in Kate,
I’m never in yak and never in you,
But always in rhyme and poem too.

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©Mary Green

A version of this was first published in The Universal Vacuum Cleaner and Other Riddle Poems compiled by John Foster Illustrated by Tony Ross Oxford University Press 2005

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